Bean Brownies?




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As many of you regular readers may know, I am a vegetarian. And I am allergic to quite a few different foods.

For some time now, I have been trying to concoct different recipes without the use of much white sugar or flour. This is truly difficult as I REALLY love white bread and sweets.

You may have been hearing all sorts of commotion about using beans for a healthier brownie. A healthier brownie you say??! Yup, that was my reaction too! Why in the world would I want a healthier brownie?! Brownies are supposed to be sugary, moist with oil, delicious, unhealthy snacks, right? But I have seen these brownie recipes everywhere lately – even Dr. Oz has a recipe he suggests!

So I tried them, and bean brownies are actually very delicious!

If you follow this link to Tastebook, you will find a delicious recipe (shown in above image) that calls for Garbanzo beans. The recipe is very much worth your time and efforts!

I will say that I am weird about beans – I am not really a fan of mushing things up and eating bean chunks. I am weird. If you are too, I suggest substituting the mashed beans for a Garbanzo/Chick Pea Flour. I find mine at natural food stores like Whole Foods.

If you find that the taste in any bean dessert is just too “beany” for you, try substituting a portion of the flour or beans for Almond Flour. I also suggest bumping up the Vanilla to a couple teaspoons.

Have fun and let me know your opinion on desserts with beans!


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