Penne Spinaci


When we were in Italy, we came across an Amazing hole in the wall family Trattoria restaurant.

Each of us ordered something different from each other making for one very delicious shared family-style meal. One of those dishes, our favorite, was called Penne Spinaci. Basically, a cream spinach sauce with parmesan cheese served over a giant plate of penne pasta.


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Since our trip, I have tried several different recipes to re-create that taste. All have failed miserably! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever taste that heavenly pasta again – until this morning when I began searching for recipes YET AGAIN and came across two that may hit the spot.

Both of these recipes are in Italian. If you speak or read Italian and can translate it, I would Love for you to contact me. In the mean time, I am giving you the pictures / links of this amazing dish in hopes of finding a translator ASAP.

As soon as I have the translation and have tested these recipes myself, I will give an update!

Have any of you tried this pasta sauce before?


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