Best Avocado Recipes!


It is summer time and that always means one thing: cheap avocados!

Avocados can be extremely pricey – I can never justify paying two dollars for one tiny piece of produce. So when summer time rolls around, I am first in line for the summer pricing! And in celebration of the low prices, here are a few recipes I have found that will surely hit the spot!

My daughter is a huge fan of sushi and wraps. While I have never been one to attempt raw fish, these seems like a great vegetarian substitute! These cucumber and avocado rolls seem especially refreshing for all the heat we have had. Click the link above for this great recipe.

I never used to like avocados. I guess I had only tried them when served to me plain on a sandwich. It was not until I met my husband, a huge fan of guacamole, that I began to like them. Something about all that salt and spices that really makes a food taste great ;) . With that being said, I can not wait to attempt these avocado fries. Yup, that is right – fries! Bread crumbs, spices, oil – all my favorites. Check out the link above for the recipe.



Eggs in an avocado sounds like the perfect weekend breakfast treat for my husband. I know he will flavor it in his own special style by adding a scoop of salsa on the top!This looks delicious! Click above to get to the recipe.

Lastly, I wanted to share some information on how to choose avocados at the market.

If you are like me, you probably have done the mush test to check for ripeness – you know the one – squeeze it a little and see if it mushes inside a little bit. But 50% of the time, I would get home and realize the whole dang thing is rotten inside! That is, until I came across a website that told me exactly how to tell if the avocado is fresh inside. I have not bought a bad avocado since! Check out those great tips in the image link above.


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