Chocolate Cures a Mid-Week Slump!


Well, it is Wednesday.

Nothing is worse than Wednesday, except maybe Monday. Wednesday is the day I hit a slump. Wednesdays always feel like the week just started, but it is just teasing us to see ahead to the weekend – the weekend that just can’t come fast enough.

Chocolate is always the best pick-me-up to get me out of the mid-week slump. So, today I wanted to share some amazing recipes that will hopefully help you make it to the weekend!




Chocolate Cannoli. Yum! These make the best dessert after a nice Italian style meal – or just serving salad for dinner and filling up on these is more my style! Buy your cannoli shells at the supermarket if you are looking to make these quickly, or follow their instructions for a delicious from-scratch recipe.




Sure, it is summer time, but there is no reason why we can’t still enjoy the taste of a nice cup of cocoa on a hot summer night! Try these beautifully made cupcakes that have a s’mores look to them and make me drool just looking at them.


As much as I love chocolate, I have never really been a fan of straight up chocolate. That is why I am sharing this blonde recipe. It is the perfect balance of light and dark sweetness, really hitting the spot. This bar is so soft and gooey delicious.


My all-time favorite candy bar is an Almond Joy. So imagine how excited I got when I found this recipe for Almond Chocolate Coconut Cups. It looks absolutely, perfectly delicious!

If you don’t think you can handle this swiss roll recipe, check out the directions first. They are extremely easy to understand and you will quickly be on your way to an amazing dessert. If you can’t get the rolling just right, do what I do and quickly make up a new recipe name and serve it as is, just like you made it that way on purpose. With these amazing ingredients you can’t go wrong if it all ends up in a mushed up pile on dessert plates with the ganache on top! Don’t be intimidated – give this a try, it is worth the effort.


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