Not Your Traditional Spaghetti.



So often, I hear people claiming that spaghetti is their go to family meal when in a crunch for time.  I am in no way knocking good old fashioned spaghetti…while plain spaghetti is good and one of the quickest hot meals to prepare for your family from a box, I feel it is often overlooked as a meal with variations and multiple options to create a dish that won’t just be liked, but truly loved by your family.

By adding just a few more minutes to your spaghetti dinner routine or by adding just a couple new ingredients that are probably already in your fridge or pantry, you can create a dish that will be enjoyed by your family and even special enough to serve up when company comes over.

Spaghetti pizza?! Sounds strangely delicious.

Not spaghetti pizza, but pizza spaghetti!


My children would have loved this when they were little. I guess I will practice for the grandkids…




Not your typical marinara spaghetti – this dish is flavored with walnuts and broccoli! Yum.


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