Casseroles…for Breakfast?!


I love the convenience of casseroles.

Plop it all in a dish and stick it in the oven.

Okay, it may not ALWAYS be that easy, but I love simple cooking. I guess what I really love is to sit around with my family and friends while dinner is in the oven, instead of missing out on all the inside jokes while I am stuck in the kitchen slaving over a hot meal!

So why not have that same convenience at breakfast time? We don’t always want to eat a bowl of cold cereal, nor do we always want to do the whole bacon, eggs and toast boring nonsense. Here are a couple recipes that are sure to put a smile on your face – and your stomach – first thing in the morning!

One of the tastiest, simplest recipes I have ever made for breakfast. This is even great for busy moms to whip up while prepping the kids for school!


This is a Paula Deen recipe for baked french toast. You know what that means…full of fat and extremely delicious! Be sure to try this out on a special weekend.

This breakfast casserole is not only delicious, but extremely pretty to serve! This is a great dish to serve for overnight company – you will get lots and lots of compliments. Sausage, mushrooms, tater tots…and lots of cheese! Visit the link above to add this recipe to your collection!


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