Pancakes or Flapjacks? Are they the same?


I recently came across an article on that has the best place to each pancakes in each of the 50 states.

In my lifetime, we have heard pancakes called different things. You probably have too. Pancakes, hotcakes, flapjacks, etc. Upon reading some of the comments at the end of the article, I came across a discussion where readers were saying that calling a pancake a flapjack is incorrect.

While we use the term flapjack interchangeably for pancake in the US, a flapjack is another type of food in the British culture. It is a sweet bar made of oats, butter and syrup and made not in a frying pan, but in the oven like a brownie. It sounds like it can be either soft or crispy, depending on the recipe and you can add chocolate chips, fruit, etc. I am thinking something similar to those Quaker brand granola bars or Nature Valley Oats and Honey granola bars?

If you are interested in attempting a TRUE flapjack, take a look at the raisin recipe from the above image link, or the one below from the BBC.

Hopefully you learned something new today – I know I did!


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