Pumpkin Treats


I very much enjoy bringing each holiday into my home.

Wreaths on the front door, arrangements on the mantel and holiday-related hand towels in the bathrooms.

But more importantly, I love to celebrate each night (when possible) of a holiday season with foods that relate to the season at hand. Doing so really creates a special mood with your family, guests and even in yourself as you prepare special dishes for your loved ones. Sure, the malls can sell holiday items, the neighbors can hang their decor, but the kitchen…well, as I like to say – the kitchen is Where Home Starts! It is especially where holidays start!

With that in mind, here are a few fantastic recipes to get you serving up some fall-friendly foods to your family!

This pumpkin fluff is a VERY fast recipe using minimal ingredients, including Cool Whip and instant pudding. I often serve this with apple slices, and it is Always a big hit!


pumpkin rolls

Source: beyondkimchee.com

These dinner rolls are simply beautiful. Not only are they pumpkin shaped, but they also include pumpkin in the recipe!


If your family loves to gobble up a full pie after dinner like we do, these are a great (and cute!) way to cut calories!


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