Spooky Treats for Halloween!


With Halloween slowly “creeping” up on us, it is time we start considering the foods we will be serving on the SPOOKIEST day of the year!

Whether you are having a big costume party, a night at home with your family or even just a romantic evening passing out candy with your partner, Halloween is a night to get creative with your menu.

There are so many ideas to consider, from shaping a roast into a skull, to using cookie cutters to make bat or witch shaped dinner rolls. Whatever you choose, your meal is sure to be a hit…especially if you add some scary candles and music to set the mood at your dinner table!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for this Halloween season:

These mummy hot dogs would make for a fun main course treat for kids!


For a spicier version, substitute the red mayo veins for hot sauce. I am not a fan of spicy myself, but my husband would Love if I made these using Sriracha!


I have heard of Lady Fingers, but these cookies take fingers to a whole new level! Use almonds and jam to create a tasty treat…if you can stomach the idea!


Are you making any special treats for Halloween this year? I hope you all enjoy your holiday…be safe out there!


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