Fruit and Veggie Storage


With the New Year just around the corner, I like to start re-evaluating my home. I look around each room and find items I no longer use, and areas of my home that seem to need more organization.

Piles of assorted odds and ends are a good sign that a specific part of your home (or life!) is a little out of control. What better way to start the new year than a little extra organization?!

Near the beginning of this year, I dropped and broke the beautiful dish I kept on the counter full of fruit. When it first happened, I looked around in a few stores to see if I could find a reasonable replacement. When I didn’t, I guess I got used to the idea of a pile on the counter (so tacky!) and storing the rest in the fridge.

With the end of the year just over a week away, I am determined to organize my fruits and veggies! If you are in need of the same, here are some great, fun and modern options:


This hanging nest-type basket looks great and is so practical! It is especially nice for kitchens with less counter space.

How about this steel wire basket? Not only would this dish look really fun on a counter, but it would also make for a great conversation starter when company comes over!

A stunning, natural option is this driftwood fruit bowl. Each bowl is hand-collected wood that has been hand-carved and finished! This would look amazing in the kitchen, or even on a coffee table filled with decorative pieces. I just love the natural look in my home, so this fruit bowl is really screaming my name!

Do any of you readers have a special technique or dish for keeping your fruits and veggies last longer and look great in your home for friends and family? I would love to hear your ideas!


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