9+ Best Silent Wall Clocks For A Peaceful Mind in 2021

Wall clocks are a household essential and is present in all of our homes. The clock is one of the most important devices to have whether in the home or at the office. It helps you keep time and stay organised throughout the day. People will be seriously lost if they do not have access to a clock. Wall clocks are also better than wristwatches and phones in workspaces and homes because they can be read easily and a quick glance is enough for you to know the time.

They also serve as home decor pieces and will bring some style into your office or living space. However, the constant ticking of the Wall clocks can be a big problem for several people. Many people are very sensitive to sounds and noises. Clocks are one of those things that will keep making sounds even when every other sound has died down. The ticking sound is not very pleasing to the ear either. This might lead to people getting distracted easily and finding it hard to focus. People with severe anxiety will also find it hard to listen to clocks. A peaceful good night’s sleep is also interrupted by the ticking and you may have trouble going to sleep.

To solve this problem, we have found some amazing noiseless Wall clocks that will not distract you or interrupt your sleep. Here is a curated list of clocks that are the best silent Wall clocks you will find in the market:

List of Best Silent Wall Clocks

  • Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock
  • Umbra Ribbon Modern Wall Clock
  • OLDTOWN Retro Noiseless Wall Clock
  • DreamSky Decorative Non-Ticking Clock
  • Foxtop Silent Quartz Wall Clock
  • Adalene 13-inch Non-Ticking Clock
  • Eruner 14-inch Vintage Wood Wall Clock
  • HITO Non-ticking Wall Clock
  • Skynature Wooden Clock
  • Office + Style Silent Quartz Wall Clock

We have also conducted much research on the products to know their individual pros and cons. These pros and cons along with the detailed descriptions will help you decide which clock will be the best silent Wall clock for you. You will also find plenty of reviews and customer pictures on the Amazon links that are provided with the descriptions. If you want to know more about these awesome Wall clocks then keep reading.

Buying Guide

Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock

This Wall clock is one of the most simple yet useful quiet Wall clocks on the market. The clock has a standard 12 inch dial which makes it easier to read. The clock has a simple frame with a solid colour background and clear numbers or markings on the dial. The brand provides a variety of colour options in this model which means you can choose the frame and background colour to match your decor or to suit your needs. The model is operated by a quartz movement analog technology which shows time accurately all the time. The clock runs on the standard AA batteries which can be easily replaceable. The clock is perfect for people who want a quiet noiseless clock that comes in many colors to suit their home.


  • Silent and no ticking noise
  • Big 12 inch dial for easy reading
  • Hassle-free installation of clock
  • Clearly marked numbers 
  • Multiple colour options


  • The material of the clock could have been better.
  • Batteries are not provided 
  • Little big for desks

Design Style:- Modern and Simple

Verdict:- We feel that this clock is the best silent Wall clock in the market that can be perfect for your home. The noiseless technology along with the multiple colour variants will be perfect for your home.

Umbra Ribbon Modern 12-inch Wall Clock

The Umbra Ribbon Modern silent Wall clock has a unique design. The clock is extremely stylish and modern in its look and will definitely beautify your living room. The clock is made with thick stainless steel ribbons or sheets that criss-cross each other and meet in the middle to give a circular 360° appearance. The steel ribbons are jet back in colour and the dial has no outer casing or rim. The clock also comes in three other colours brown, yellow and rose gold. The hour and minute hands are in red and the second hands are in grey which contrasts beautifully with the solid black background. It does not have any numbers or markings on it but each steel ribbon marks the hours and the space between the center of two consecutive ribbons mark the minutes. The clock operates on a quartz analog technology with sweeping movement which again shows exact time. It operates on a single AA battery. The clock is not very easy to read initially but you will get used to it with time.


  • Beautiful modern design
  • Sturdy material
  • Multiple colors 
  • Easy installation 


  • It will be difficult to read the time initially due to design
  • Steel ribbons have sharp edges and can cause accidents
  • Costs more as compared to simple clocks

Design Style:- Modern

Verdict:- This is also one of the best silent Wall clocks and is also very stylish. The design of the clock is unique and will add a touch of modern wall art in your room.

OLDTOWN Retro Noiseless Wall Clock

This clock also has a very modern design that is unique in itself. The clock’s background is designed like the inside mechanism of a clock. It also has hour numbers written at the circumference of the clock. The numbers on the clock are written in Roman numerals which is retro and stylish. The black metal finish gives a clean and sophisticated look to any roo. Be it office, living, kitchen, or bedroom. The dial is available in two sizes 12-inch and 23-inch respectively.  The bigger 23 inch size will be extremely useful for setting up in big halls and workspaces. However,  the unique design comes with a hefty price tag and international shipping charge will again significantly increase overall costs of getting this delivered to your home or office.


  • Premium quality
  • Noiseless technology 
  • Two sizes available 
  • Clear Roman numerals 
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Lifetime warranty from the company 


  • Super expensive as compared to others
  • Old design
  • No color options 

Design Style:- Retro-modern

Verdict:- This clock is extremely beautiful and gives a modern gothic look which is always trending. However,  the price is not affordable and the clock is not for people who are on budget.

DreamSky Decorative Non-Ticking Clock

The clock has a simple quartz movement feature, and does not have the ticking noise. The design of the clock is simple with a white background to improve that readability of the clock. The clock is made on a smaller dial with only 10 inches in diameter, which is 2inch less as compared to most clocks. 

The simple design of numbers is perfect for anyone with an eyesight problem and old men/women. It is also made with a lightweight US sourced pure ABS plastic which is weather-resistant and will last a long time.


  • Soundless
  • Easy to read numerical numbers
  • Quick installation
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Made with plastic
  • Not designer
  • Smaller in size

Design Style:- Minimalistic and Simple 

Verdict:- Though the clock is not very glamorous,  it serves its purpose and is quite affordable. It is perfect for people who do not want to invest too much into a clock. However,  the dial is smaller and that might be a problem if you mount it on the wall. Not suitable for halls and big rooms due to its small size.

Foxtop Silent Quartz Wall Clock

The clock is a beautiful one with a Retro look. It has a simple oval shape with a brown case and yellow tinted background.  The numbers are written clearly for easy visibility.  It also comes with a hook so you can screw into any surface. The pricing is very affordable for a stylish Wall clock. It has a Quartz Movement feature which predicts time accurately.  It is battery operated and has a standard 12-inch dial.  It is however more suitable in homes than formal offices and workspaces.


  • No ticking sound
  • Affordable and low budget 
  • White background with black numbers for better readability
  • Resistant to dust, water, and debris


  • The photos can be inaccurate 
  • Too simple
  • Made with plastic and not metal 
  • No colour options available 
  • Smaller dial than normal

Design Style:- Minimalistic , Classic, Vintage

Verdict:- This is a beautiful clock that is all bout that vintage feel. The yellow tinted background is consistent with the vintage appearance and Retro look. It is also very readable due to the colour contrasting in the dial. It is perfect for stylish homes and can act as a decor piece.

Adalene 13-inch Non-Ticking Clock

The Adalene 13-inch Wall clock has a very vintage design that gives a perfect 1900’s feel. It is extremely beautiful and good for living spaces and bedrooms. It can also be kept as a wall decor and will add a unique antique touch to your room. The frame will be made of acrylic crystal with a faux bronze finish. The frame is hardy and will survive minor accidents.  The numbers are given in Arabic numerals which are easy to read. The clock size is also slightly bigger than normal clocks. 


  • 13-inch diameter which is slightly bigger than normal clocks
  • Elegant clock hands
  • Stylish design 
  • Unbreakable so it’s hardy 
  • Soundless technology 


  • Weak material design
  • No colours options 
  • Not quite suitable for offices 

Design Style:- Rustic and Retro

Verdict:-  This is a stellar piece which is perfect for themed living rooms that give off a 90s vibe. The simple yet rustic look makes it beautiful and readable at the same time. The clock is round in shape and perfect for living rooms.

Eruner 14-inch Vintage Wood Wall Clock

The Eruner clock has a Vintage French Country Tuscan Style in its design. It has the Taiwan Sangtai 12888 Scanning Quartz Movement and is completely quiet.

It has two options in sizes that are 12 inches to 14 inches respectively. The hour & minute hands are long along and the Roman numerals make it easy to read from just different angles. However the clock is frameless and made of MDF so it is not hardy. The background is yellow tinted which gives off an antique look. The price however is not a lot as compared to other vintage clocks. 


  • Minimalistic design for simple look
  • Colored black numbers 
  • The contrasting red hand improves readability 
  • Frameless
  • Taiwan Sangtai 12888 Scanning Quartz Movement
  • 14-inch dial which is bigger than normal clocks


  • Clock hands are exposed to outside elements which means it’s fragile 
  • The clock is made of mdf which looks cheap
  • Exposure to moisture can lead to issues with readability and stage to the clock.

Design Style:- Vintage, Antique,  Rustic, Retro.

Verdict:- This clock is also a great vintage piece if you are looking for that Rustic vibe. The background is very soothing and it’s perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. However, the frameless design and MDF material will make it prone to damage from moisture ans dust. If you can handle a fragile clock then this won’t be a problem. This is also not very suitable for formal office spaces.

HITO Non-ticking Wall Clock

This clock is a simple one with some cool extra features. It comes with a unique temperature and humidity gauges. It also has another section that marks the day of the week. The clock is built with high quality material and the frame is quite durable.

The Black Arabic numerals and analog display are easy to read and a standard.

The clock also operates on sweeping hand movements which makes it super quiet. It is quite suitable for your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and office. People who want minimalistic designs should definitely opt for this one.


  • Clear, black hour and minute hands
  • Affordable in price
  • The batteries can make it for last about a year
  • Has temperature and humidity gauge
  • Made with good material
  • Shows the days of the week


  • The temperature and humidity gauges may not be very accurate
  • No other colours are available 
  • Looks too simple

Design Style:- Minimalistic 

Verdict:- This clock is another simple and efficient clock with a minimalistic look. The clock has a clear background with dark contrasting numerals which improves the readability significantly. It is perfect for office spaces due to its design and features. The temperature, humidity, and weekday features are an added bonus. This is an all rounder for sure.

Skynature Wooden Clock

Skynature clock is a beautiful and fun Wall clock that easily comes under the best quiet Wall clocks category. This model is quite different from the rest due to its design. The dial has a very colourful background that will immediately brighten up your living room. The numbers are quite big so it can be easy to read. The background however can be a little distracting. This clock is perfect for kids who do not like simple and boring looking clocks. It also comes with different animal designs which makes it even more quirky. The clock uses a MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) wood for the frame and has a water-resistant printed cover. It is also super silent and won’t spoil your children’s sleep.


  • Colorful and beautiful 
  • Large and clear numbers
  • Standard size dual
  • Quirky design that is unique 
  • Colour variants available 


  • Low-quality materials used in the making
  • May not last long as it is fancy
  • Background can be distracting
  • Not suitable for offices

Design Style:- Quirky, Colorful, Fancy 

Verdict:- If you are looking for a colorful clock for your kids, this is the one you should go for. The clock is very pretty and comes in various colors so you can choose your favorite.  You can also keep it in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen if it matches the vibe of the spaces. It is not very sturdy so might not last long. The design is also not suitable for office spaces.

Office + Style Silent Quartz Wall Clock

This clock lives up to its name and is a perfect clock for offices. The simple and no-nonsense design will be perfect for working spaces and offices. If you like to go for a simple look , you will also like it in your home. It is also perfect for the kitchen space. 

The clock also offers a wide range of colours so you can match it with your home or office decor. The frame and background has a solid color which means good readability.  The colours available are Blue, Pink, Black, Green. You can also keep the white background while keeping the frame as either black, blue, pink or green. The 13-inch dial is also a great size to be placed in big classrooms or long hallways. It also has a  strong frame and anti-scratch protective cover. Dust and tiny debris will not be able to enter the inside and cause damage. The silent quartz feature makes it super quiet as well.


  • White or Black Arabic numbers make it clear to read
  •  Quartz Movement makes it soundless
  • Sturdy frame so no fear of damage 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Colour options available 
  • Scratch-proof casing
  • Affordable and budget-friendly


  • Too simple 
  • Looks cheap 

Design Style:- Simple, Minimalistic.

Verdict:- This clock is perfect for workplaces and schools. If you want a simple clock which will be quiet and unimposing, this is the one. The clock is made of good materials so it’s very sturdy and will not be damaged easily. However,  the design might be a little too simple and boring.

More information

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Which clock is the best quiet Wall clock in the market?

The Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock according to us is the best clock in the market if you consider everything. For simple clocks, Office + Style Silent Quartz Wall Clock

Office+Style 10 will definitely hit the mark for you.

Q. Should I buy an Expensive clock?

It is not necessary for you to opt for an expensive clock. However, this completely depends on your choices. A moderately priced clock with a good build quality will be the best option. However, if you are looking for decor pieces then we suggest you invest in some high end clocks.

Q. Which clock will be best for offices?

The best office clocks would be the most simple ones with a clear background.  The white background with dark big numerals make it easier to read the time while working or in a hurry. Consider buying a larger dial for big spaces as the smaller one will not have good visibility.  You can also opt for clocks with special features like weekday display, temperature,  humidity,  date,  and so on. We would recommend Office + Style Silent Quartz Wall Clock

Office+Style 10 and HITO Non-ticking Wall Clock for offices.

Q. Should I opt for a metal clock or an MDF clock?

Both metal and MDF are good options for wall clocks. The metal ones tend to be more sturdy. Although it can get scratched and deformed by accidents. Metal clocks are more expensive but look pristine and modern. They will make good decor pieces for modern homes. MDF is also a good choice and less expensive but it is prone to damage from moisture and weather elements. Ultimately it depends on which vibe you are going for.


Wall clocks are very important for all homes and offices. However, the ticking sound of the clock might be a big problem for many. It causes irritation, distraction, and lack of sleep. This is why we have quiet wall clocks on the market. You can choose from a wide variety of Wall clocks which have special mechanisms that don’t make the irritating ticking sound. These clocks are available in various price ranges and come in different colours and designs. If you are confused about which one to buy, simply re-read this to explore your options and find your suitable clock.

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